Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our Zurich Apartment

We stayed in our Zurich apartment for three weeks. When Jeremy found our apartment, he warned me that it was so nice it might leave me dissatisfied with our real apartment. I love our home, but wow! It was beautiful there. This first picture is the view from our breakfast nook.

Here are Theodore and Henry taking a jet-lagged nap in the master bedroom.

This is the breakfast nook in the early morning.

Jeremy did a lot of work at the dining room table. We never actually ate there!

Instead we ate on the balcony, where we could enjoy the herbs growing...

and take in a great view of the church across the street.

This is the kitchen.Thomas enjoyed eating corn flakes and shelf-milk in the morning. The taste is a little different, but I found it quite handy to pick up a big six-pack of milk and keep it in the cupboard. 

I was a little worried about not having soft carpet to put Henry on, but he really didn't mind. 

I was somewhat baffled at the oven controls at first, but we figured it out. 

Here are the light switch and power outlet.

This is a little office area in the bedroom upstairs.

Our entryway had this pretty mirror. In it, you can see our spiral staircase to the upstairs bedrooms.

This little scene hung in the stairwell outside our door.

Our apartment covered the third floor and attic of this house. We were happy to find it! It took a few weeks just to locate somewhere that would let us all stay, and we were so lucky to get to stay in such a beautiful place.