Sunday, July 7, 2013

From Thomas: What we did at the Monkey park

 this picture fit's with the one below 

 these 2 Monkeys are next to a log

 this is a field for Monkeys

 this is George feeding a Monkey

 this one looks like it's fat

 this one is on a log

 this is me climbing

2 of the things that you can't see in this  is (one of the things is in the picture on top) a thing that has hanging wood(you try to get across)

From Mommy: The name of this park is "La Montagne des Singes." It was incredible! As we went in, they handed the grownups a handful of popcorn and gave everyone a crash course in how to safely feed macaques. (Only give the monkeys the park's popcorn. Hold your hand out flat. Don't touch the monkeys. Don't feed babies or moms with babies. Don't shout. Keep your popcorn stash in your hand, not your bag or pocket. Hold little kids' hands.) The popcorn is a very small part of their diet, but they enjoy it. They will come over and pick it up out of your hand. It was amazing to get to be so close to them.

Outside the park there is a fun climbing playground. Thomas was in heaven there. I think he actually forgave Jeremy for making him leave the monkeys.

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