Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

We are in France now! More on that later... To celebrate Independence Day, we had knacks for dinner. They are a local specialty, but they are a lot like hot dogs, and so it was a great way to enjoy two cultures at once. And hot dogs are always best on baguettes.

Unfortunately, I bought standard French mustard. They have a  milder version, but I thought we'd be fine. Wow! No we weren't. At least, Thomas and George sounded like they were dying. Meanwhile, Theodore was content to lick off the mustard first, and then eat the hot dog. He gave the bread to me. This child is just a little crazy.

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  1. hahaha :D
    We miss you guys! How about Henry, did he adjust alright to the time shift and is he practicing sitting up already?
    Adrien is pulling himself up on everything he finds, and if we hold his two hands he stands and walks (depending on his mood). I wonder if he'll be walking by the time you come back!