Monday, June 24, 2013

Journey to Lenzburg Castle

On Saturday we took a couple of trams and a train to Lenzburg so we could see the castle there. 

We made it on the train just in time. Here is Jeremy, looking relieved. 

Because the castle was nearly a whole mile from the train station, we had to stop for refreshment. We had Apples, cheese, and butter braid bread, as well as water from the drinking fountain (hint: if you can't see it, look for the huge thing with flowers on top).

Here we are, hiking through the scenic part of the town.

Here is the castle. It is on an impressively steep hill. I motivated George for the climb by telling him they built it there to keep out the invading army...and we were there to invade. We would succeed because we were mighty.

There are a lot of things to see inside, but the most fun for the kids was the children's museum. There were clothes for dress up...

an ornate, wonky mirror...

a play castle, suit of armor, and more.

After playing, we crossed this walkway to the dungeon.

We did not leave anyone there.

Here is a view of Lenzburg from the battlements.

And then we headed out across the drawbridge.


As George is pointing out in this photo, there are actually two drawbridges.

On our way out, we took a different route, right around the base of the castle. It's kind of amazing to see it balancing there. 

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