Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Public Transit Theater

Sometimes, we are the entertainment. I can't really help that. I just have to hope that people are enjoying it. 

I got distracted on the tram ride home yesterday. My mind was wandering, and then George pointed out that we were at our stop. I thought we would probably have to miss it and walk back, but I hurried to get the brake off the stroller and get the boys over to the door. Somehow, we made it out. That was when I realized this was not our stop. Our stop was next. 

But the tram hadn't moved yet, and so I shuffled the boys back on. We rode to the next stop and switched trams.

When we got off at our stop, I suggested to the boys that we take a slightly different route home. I told them it would only be a little longer and we would get to explore a little bit. Their reaction was quite negative. As the mom, I decided this meant they needed more experience with variety, and so I insisted. 

I started walking. They froze. I told them "see you later!" And the whining became yells of agony. We could not take a different route home. I was so, so mean!!! The people sitting at the tram stop were enjoying this. I continued walking. Finally, George came, and then Thomas. 

Thomas was furious. He came fast and loud, and then he threw his plastic water bottle at me as hard as he could. It bounced off, landing on the tracks in front of the tram. Thomas was ready to lunge for it...

No!!! I yelled. Stay there! Stay there! Stay there! The water bottle settled on a rail. I was ready to see it flattened. At least Thomas was safe. I looked up at the tram. 

The driver looked amused. He waved me over to get the bottle. I retrieved it, the tram went by, and the scene ended. 

We continued on our way and the whining eventually subsided. It helped when George found a new drinking fountain.

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  1. I really love reading about your swiss adventures. :) Thanks for posting!