Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zurich Zooh!

(I have been trying to figure out why there is an 'h' in Zurich Zooh! The German word for zoo is "zoo.")

 This is a shoebill. They are huge! And very serious-looking. This one was about as tall as Thomas.

Henry watched the action from the bottom level of the stroller while his brothers went down the big zoo slide.

Here is a fun German word. Actually, most German words are extra-fun somehow.

These brothers are cute.

This bird was not huge. Nor was it a resident of the zoo. It came to visit with us.

Thomas's monkey skills are surprisingly good.

According to the sign. Orangutan means "wild man."

 This woman was extremely nice and very patient with our boys. They got to play some games and learn about gorilla food at her station.

This is an awesome little gravel and water play area. Just around the corner, the boys got to ride a zip line!

Um, this is a grate.

Everybody had a good time. I think we tired them out, though.

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  1. It's amazing how Henry looks grown up in the stroller. It will be a shock when you come back!